Our Mission (Text 1)

At Eros & Ares, we hope to spread a message of love and benevolence to create a better world for tomorrow. COVID-19, our political parties, and the social media bubble are some of the main contributors to a society that is more divided than ever. The ugliest sides of human nature have been exposed in more recent years and have taken charge, leaving many of us feeling frustrated, disheartened, and disconnected from our communities. The first step to changing this dynamic is for us to choose compassion, graciousness, and altruism over animosity in our daily lives and to spread the word encouraging others to do the same.


Eros, the God of love stands for what we hope to share more of with the world, while Ares the God of war stands for the willingness to fight the internal struggle to choose love even when it isn't easy. We hope our customers will wear our quality bracelets with pride as representation of the kinder and more deeply connected society they wish to live in. Eros & Ares bracelets are fashionable pieces of jewelry, but they should also serve as a helpful tool to inspire meaningful conversation, which can ultimately lead to widespread positive change around the world.